ACES is a law firm specializing

in the Gaming Industry

ACES stands for Lawyers and Strategic Consultors (Asesores y Consultores Estratégicos). It was founded in Panama in 2009 aiming to provide counsel and legal services for the Gaming Industry and Procedural Law cases.

The firm has established a reputation within gaming companies and promoters, contributing to the ongoing development of these businesses locally while upholding Panamanian laws and regulations.



The Gaming Industry is ACES’s main area of expertise. We assist our clients so that they can work assuredly within local gaming laws. This industry is regulated in Panama by the 1998 Decree Law 2

ACES also offers legal services for other branches of law in order to provide an overall array of solutions for clients and companies.

  • Procedural Law

    It marks the steps of a legal process concerning its various procedures, such as in a civil or administrative trial. We guide you towards a positive resolution.
  • Business Law

    The firm’s counsel will allow you to obtain the required licenses and registrations to start or expand your business.
  • Banking Law

    ACES supports its clients in order for them to have a close and efficient relationship with the banking institutions that provide them with services relating to investments, finance, and mortgages.
  • Civil Law

    We help clients manage personal and family affairs, including various licenses and property management.
  • Criminal Law

    We expertly assist in resolving infractions or felonies to which the client is victim or accused of.
  • Judiciary

    We counsel clients in managing personal and estate procedures before judiciary or criminal courts.
  • Migration

    The firm oversees the migratory status of foreigners in Panama, managing work permits, residencies, naturalizations, among others.